Award-winning Anti-Virus solutions for you and your business

BitDefender Endpoint Security

We are now excited to offer BitDefender Endpoint and Server Security to our suite of enterprise offerings. As of February 2022, you can now subscribe to Managed Anti-Virus solutions from AJRB Services. Up until now, we’ve offered single-user licenses that are self-managed. Now we’re taking it a step further. Meet Managed BitDefender, the cloud-managed, AJRB-supported, user-pleasing anti-virus for you and your business. 

We simply bill for this service based on usage. You want to install on 1 machine one month, we’ll bill you for 1 machine for one month. Remove the agent the next month, we won’t charge you a penny! It’s as simple as that.

Even better, if you subscribe to our Managed Remote Support and Monitoring solution, we’ve integrated this product with that, and you won’t have to lift a finger to get it installed. You may ask – what if I already have anti-virus on my machine that I need to uninstall first? Never fear – we’ve got that covered. Our agent will attempt to remove any trace of previous anti-virus installations before installing BitDefender, and better yet, it’ll always keep itself up-to-date and will always have the latest virus definitions for as long as you subscribe. 

From £1.50/machine/month, get in touch today for more information.