UPDATE (01/04/2022)

As of April 1st, we are now resuming normal service with no restrictions. Please note that engineers still reserve the right to use PPE and request social distancing. Our guidance and policy below reflects the new guidelines.

Our COVID Policy

Please read the information below carefully before requesting a site visit.

Engineer Visits

We understand that in some cases, you may require an engineer to visit your site/home to help rectify your issue or setup your device.

Please ensure that you social distance when an engineer is visiting your premises, if the engineer specifically requests that you do so.


We are still requesting that customers take lateral flow tests if they have experienced COVID-like symptoms within 10 days prior to the engineer visit. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our engineers will visit you equipped with suitable face masks, and hand sanitisers. They may, at their discretion, request that you wear a mask if you are going to be within 2 metres of them. Please respect their wishes.

Safe Working Environments / Refusal to Work

We are empowering our engineers to refuse to work in an environment which they deem unsafe. Each situation is carefully assessed and they will carry out a risk assessment prior to visiting your premises. If you or another person within your establishment/household are found to have incorrectly advised us during our risk assessment, then our engineer will be able to refuse to work in your premises. Please note that we cannot refund any visits where an engineer refuses to work due to incorrect information provided by you (the client). An engineer also has the right to request any of the above (in line with our processes) to ensure theirs and your safety. If you do not comply, our engineer(s) have the right to leave the job early.

If you (or anyone else present on the day) has had COVID within the past 14 days (of the date when the engineer is due) then please inform us immediately.

Where required, an engineer may also clean surfaces within your premises and the device that they are working on. They will be provided with anti-bacterial wipes for this purpose. It will be assumed that general surfaces have already been cleaned.

Please respect the decision of an engineer if they require a break to take a breather (fresh air outside). We have instructed them to do so in line with our internal policies, and we will happily discuss the matter with you.

We nor an on-site engineer will tolerate any abuse, lecture or anti-mask/vax campaign. Our engineers have a right to work in a safe environment, and they have a right to leave any environment that they deem unsafe. We apologise in advance if this causes any inconvenience for you.