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Ever wanted to host your own Virtual Private Server (VPS) and found that the pricing from the big players (Azure, AWS, Linode etc.) are too high to get started? Don’t worry, we did too! That’s why we have collaborated with alternative cloud providers to offer you superfast, supervalue, and super reliable VPS solutions – all on a simple monthly tarrif – cancel anytime!

Why choose Linux for your Cloud Compute Project?

Great Value

Linux is FREE – therefore you only need to worry about the price of hosting it. It won’t break the bank, and offers a generous return on investment compared to its counterparts.

Highly Secure

The project is Open-Source, so you can view the source code for the Operating System. Linux is used by huge enterprises due to its outstanding security reputation & patching history.


Linux is a massive project, and is backed by several open-source communities. Finding support, fixes, and tutorials is easy, meaning you can fix your server quickly!


Linux grows with you and your business. Want a small Linux server today, and a huge one tomorrow? Just up the resources, it’ll handle it. Better yet, it’s incredibly lightweight, so isn’t resource hungry!

Our Pricing

The above plans are our standard plans. If you require additional resources or a dedicated server, get in touch and we’ll be able to create you a bespoke plan. Note that these plans are Unmanaged and you are responsible for the maintenance of your OS – we’ll take care of the hardware, network and power. Add £35/month/server for fully-managed and supported VPS’. Backups are not included, but are available at additional cost. 

You can also purchase additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses if required, alongside FREE internal private IP addresses to inter-connect your servers.

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Our Operating Systems

We offer a number of Linux Distributions on our platform – including Ubuntu, Fedora, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, Debian and CentOS. However, if you require another distribution, our ISO Upload tool will allow you to install whichever Operating System you require!

I’m a beginner with Linux – which Distro should I pick?

If you’re new to Linux and don’t know where to begin, we recommend Ubuntu. It’s regularly updated, is compatible with almost all Linux-based software, and is incredibly easy to learn and manage in comparison with the other distributions.

If you’re an enterprise and want a RHEL-like solution, pick AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux. These are forks of CentOS.


I want a VPS with Windows on it…

We can offer Windows VPS’ as well, but these are less common in the hosting world. For a Windows VPS, simply add £10/month to the pricing on the left. This is a necessary charge as we have to cover the cost of Windows Server licensing. If you have your own license, you can use that on your VPS free of charge! Just upload the Windows ISO to our portal, inject the VirtIO drivers and off you go! We can offer Windows installation support on our VPS plans at a one-off setup fee of £25 for basic installation. Additional setup will be charged at £35/hour.