Our commitment to going green

Help us on our journey to 'going green'

In the midst of Climate Action week, we have committed to ‘going green’ as a business. We have set ourselves targets to try and achieve over the next year. Our targets are listed below.

  • We pledge to use 90% less paper in the next year than we used this year. We significantly reduced our printing in 2021, from 304 pages in 2020 to 63 pages this year.
  • We have already begun using more energy efficient equipment. Our kit is programmed to go into a ‘sleep’ mode when idle, versus our ‘always-on’ kit that we had before. We pledge to continue with these improvements.
  • Our engineers have been sent energy saving bulbs to use in their homes (if they choose) while we work from home. We want our satellite offices to be as green as possible.
  • We have been reviewing our supplier list, and we are approaching our suppliers to use more sustainable packaging.
  • We have begun planting trees in our gardens to try and compensate for the damage that we do to the climate.
  • We aim to use solar energy to power our IT-based appliances (routers, firewalls, printers) by 2023, instead of relying on the grid.
  • We only purchase recycled paper for our printer, and we’ll continue to use sustainable resources.
  • We have gone fully e-billing for our clients in the past year. Paper invoices are no more.*
  • We are beginning to deploy more energy-efficient servers.

* Paper invoices are still available for those with no access to digital invoices.

We as a company will continue to try and ‘be green’. Please help us achieve this goal by supporting our ambitions where possible.