Tribute to Joshua Forrest

You will be sadly missed, Josh

Sadly, on 13/11/2021, we received the news that a highly-valued member of our team, Josh, passed away.

Josh was very helpful and very friendly, and was very dedicated and passionate about his work. He was particularly passionate about the future of AJRB Services and how he would be a part of it. We were incredibly keen to work with Josh, and he fit right in with the rest of us – great humour, hard-working, and reliable.

Josh was based in North Carolina in the United States, but was going to be providing support for our UK clients. He had been working with AJRB Services for the past 2 months while we were doing a research and development project. His insight and feedback during this time was greatly appreciated.

We are going to miss Josh very much, and we send our love, condolences to his family at this time.