Reseller Web Hosting

Ready to Supercharge your Website Hosting Business?


We’re excited to announce that as of August 2022, we are now offering Reseller Web Hosting. Read on to see some of the benefits of reselling through AJRB Services, and why we’re offering one of the best platforms on the UK market right now!

Built and maintained with care, and supported by the same friendly team you’re used to, we’re ready to help you generate additional business revenue!


Why AJRB Reseller Web Hosting?

Fully White-Label

You won’t see our name, anywhere! We have setup our cloud environment to use a generic name (UKHOST CLOUD), meaning your customers will never know it’s not your own environment!

SSH Access

You’ll have SSH access to our servers, meaning you can manage your account and your clients. Prefer not to use command line – just use the web interface we provide!

99% Uptime SLA

Our environment is backed by enterprise-grade security and protection, meaning we’re confident we can offer our clients minimal downtime during any event!

Management Panel

Manage your accounts, your client accounts, and your DNS entries all within our management interface – powered by DirectAdmin.


Integrate our solution with your billing system – Blesta, WHMCS, WiseCP – just to name a few. Support auto-provisioning of hosting accounts and metric/usage based billing.

We have been working hard over the last few years to offer our clients a reliable, reputable and robust Web Hosting environment. Until now, we’ve only offered our solutions to end users. After lots of research, development and implementation projects, we’re now ready to expand our portfolio to allow hosting partners to resell our hosting solutions to their end users.

Some benefits of choosing AJRB Services over other services include:

  • If you choose our Ultimate package, we won’t limit the number of client accounts you can create like some others that limit you to 100 accounts. Unlimited means Unlimited!
  • Our service is truly fully-managed, meaning we’ll take care of migrations for you, and we’ll fix issues within 8 hours (or escalate issues to suppliers).
  • We use OpenLiteSpeed Web Server – this is the Open-Source variant of LiteSpeed Enterprise – offering the same benefits of LiteSpeed, without having to pass on a heavy price tag to our clients!
  • We will provide a resilient DNS clustering service. In the unlikely event that our hosting platform goes down, your domain names will continue to resolve. Our nameservers are hosted in multiple datacenters, so there’s no single point of failure!
  • We operate a reboot-less environment. Our servers are protected by enterprise-grade KernelCare and LibCare, ensuring we can keep our servers up-to-date without the need to ever reboot. Maintenance windows may see the requirement to reboot, but this is rare.
  • Jailed Resources – each account is jailed – meaning that no single account can exhaust the resources allocated to the server. This means that even if one hosting account is running at 100% resource, no other account will be affected. 
  • Our solution is scalable – we can increase the resources available to the server in less than 15 minutes, so you can be certain that we’ll never be in a situation where we’re hitting maximum capacity. If we do, we’ll simply spin up a new server ready to serve more accounts, at no extra cost to you!
  • We include free self-service backups as standard on all of our plans – backed up to high-speed S3 storage buckets!
  • We operate 3 levels of monitoring on our service – meaning that we will notice issues before any clients are affected. With automated remediation systems in place, server issues are resolved in a heartbeat!

Our new reseller hosting comes in varying levels of packages. The package listed above is our best package at present, and is highly-profitable for your business. We also offer cheaper limited plans. Email to get started with your new reseller plan – we can also create bespoke plans just for you! We’ll allow auto-provisioning of reseller accounts in the next month once we have run our 1-month phased introduction to the new service.