How strong are your passwords?

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We all know that strong passwords are crucial to online security – computers are becoming more powerful, and cracking passwords is easier than ever. Generally speaking, you want to adopt the following methodology when creating a ‘secure’ password:

  • More than 8 characters, ideally 12 or more
  • Contains numbers, UPPERCASE and lowercase characters
  • Contains special characters
  • Is completely random, and hasn’t been used before

You could use Strong Random Password Generator to create a strong password for you, and then save it in a password manager, such as the in-built Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge password manager – or maybe a third-party solution like LastPass.

You can even judge how secure your current passwords are by entering them into this site: How Secure Is My Password?

This will calculate how long it would take to crack your password. This is on the basis that you’ve never entered this password in a data breach, or you only use it for one service. Your password becomes increasingly weaker the more you use it, as you make it more susceptible to being intercepted.

With the internet being our ‘everything’ in this day in age, you want to make sure your online presence is protected – including any payment information and online banking etc. Therefore, you should:

  • Invest in decent anti-virus
  • Enable MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) on any online services
  • Change passwords regularly
  • Lock your computer and don’t leave confidential information unattended
  • Don’t store your password on paper, or on post-it notes under your keyboard (trust us, it’s not secure!)

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